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Latest News

DSS Player for Mac is compatible with High Sierra

DSS Player for Mac is compatible with the latest version of Apple's macOS High Sierra.

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RecMic II Firmware Update v1.0.1.0

A new version of firmware is available for the RecMic II range. This update includes the following improvements...

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New RecMic II Series Release

EXPERIENCE A NEW DIMENSION OF SPEECH-to-TEXT. The RecMic II Series caters to the highest demands of professionals who want the best usability and results with any speech-to-text solution.

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RecMic Configuration Tool Release

The RecMic Configuration Tool (RCT) is a client-side application designed to be used alongside the Olympus RecMic. The RCT allows total configuration of the RecMic's as well streamlining user workflows by providing functions such as:

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RM-4015P - Format internal memory

If you need to format the memory on a RM-4015P please use the steps below.

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How to use the Olympus Dictation App

The video in this article details how to use the Olympus Dictation App.

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RecMic II Series: Preset Button Modes

This article will document the preset button modes for the new RecMic series.

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RecMic II Series: RecMic Configuration Tool

This article explains how you can use this tool to configure the RecMic

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