One to One

One to One

Get the most out of your Voice Technology with our One to One services. A friendly Technician will be available to assist with almost anything you need, and at a time that suits you.

Personal, Secure and Tailored for you...

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Install & Setup

Looking for someone to do it for you? Our single-user Install & Setup package includes a one-hour block of time for almost anything you need. A friendly Technician will be available to assist with a software/hardware installation and setup, customisation, training, and technical support; at a time that suits you.**

*Price per user (Ex VAT). Excludes enterprise solutions (Olympus Workgroup Mode) and virtual environments. Software, licenses and devices are not included in your purchase.
**Within Business Hours


Product Training

Once the Olympus solution is in place it is important to put the right skills into the hands of the users. Training is one of the most important services an organisation can invest in.  Our one to one Product Training will be tailored to your individual needs, please detail your particular requirements and we will create a package to meet your objectives.

*Price per user (Ex VAT)