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Olympus use a selection of licensing models to simplify the use and installation of products. Please see the sections below for more information on the licensing models available…
Standalone Single User
A paper license slip is supplied with each kit and the license key is required at point of a Standalone installation. The license slip style varies depending on the product, but typically includes both Windows and Mac license keys.
Please DO NOT discard the license slip!
Replacements cannot be issued free of charge.
The license key used will determine the software module installed, either Dictation or Transcription.
Olympus Volume License (OVL)
A volume license (multi user license) is issued in exchange for paper license slip(s) or can be purchased to the required license amount.
An OVL can be used to install the Olympus software in Standalone or Workgroup mode.
By installing the Olympus software in Workgroup mode, you can benefit from an automated license distribution (via a central license manager).
Please note “ODMS for Administrators” software is required for central license management and virtualisation support (e.g. Terminal Services, Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, etc) when installing the Olympus Software in Workgroup mode.
Note: Only the ODMS Release 6 licenses are eligible for exchange for a volume license any other software licenses won't be accepted.

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If you are applying for a NEW volume license, fill out our Request form. Please note a minimum of 2 licenses is required for a new volume license.

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Add to Existing OVL

If you have EXISTING volume licenses and want to add to them, fill out our Upgrade Request form.
Server Application Licensing
The ODMS server applications, the System Configuration Program (SCP) and License Manager (LM), are licensed products. These are supplied as part of the ODMS for Administrators product package.

Where can I find my license key?

The license key is found on a separate slip of green paper or within a current installation of the software under "Help" > "About...".

odms tm license slip   odms dm license slip

I have lost my key, what are the options?

  • Check common locations twice. You'll be surprised how many calls we receive where customers have lost their key then call back 15 minutes later stating they have found it. 
  • If you require your key because you are installing software to a new computer, check your old computer. If the software is still installed and the computer is accessible, you can often recover the key by opening the software and clicking Help > About or by going into the PC registry.

    For 32-bit PC HKeyLocalMachine\software\Olympus\"SoftwareRelease"\"SoftwareModule"\Install

    For 64-bit PC HKeyLocalMachine\software\wow6432node\Olympus\"SoftwareRelease"\"SoftwareModule"\Install
  • If you have lost your license, the only way to obtain a new one is to purchase a replacement. For information on this, please contact us.

How do I identify a dictation license from a transcription license?

Our License Key Guide shows you how to identify the different software versions and variations by the use of the license key.

What is the difference between a Per Computer License and a Concurrent User License?

  • A Machine License is for single use and can only be installed to one computer at any one time.
  • A Concurrent User License allows you to install the application to as many computers as you require. The number of users who can access the system at the same time is determined by the number of licenses purchased. Each paper license key permits one concurrent user. This license model is particularly useful if a user uses both a desktop PC and a laptop.

Can I upgrade a previous generation volume license to a new volume license?

  • Yes, you can upgrade the previous generation volume license however, there is a cost to the upgrade.
  • Depending on your budget you can choose to upgrade all the licenses or a certain amount of licenses.
  • If you utilise the administration tool then you will also need to purchase the upgrade for the administration tool to centrally manage the new software.
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