Improvements and fixes in version 7.1.0 of the SCP are as follows...

  • An author ID field has been added, to prevent issues with unsupported characters in Login IDs. Supported characters include: letters, numbers and the underscore.
  • All author IDs registered under the workflow of a 6.4 profile will be imported in to the SCP when using the migration tool. As previously (in 7.0.0) there was no concept of separately managed author IDs, therefore, the migration process would not always work.
  • You can manually register up to 10 author IDs on a device.
  • Improved device migration management from R6 Workgroup to R7 Workgroup. Administrative device settings will be written back to the profile once the device has been connected to the PC via USB.
  • Folder attributes for subfolders have been added, so as well as routing, decryption passwords and notifications can also be managed.
  • Completed translation for German and French.



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