A new version of firmware is available for the RecMic II range. This update includes the following improvements...

  • In some cases unwanted background noise caused Dragon to continue listening for speech, even after pressing “STOP”. By improved microphone management the unwanted background noise is suppressed following a “STOP” event.
  • Changed the default setting of the Speaker Volume from 16% to 50%.


{rsfiles path="Firmware/RecMic/RM Series/RMSeries_FWUPDATE_V101.zip"}

{rsfiles path="Firmware/RecMic/RM Series/RMSeries_FWUPDATE_V101.dmg"}

{rsfiles path="Firmware/RecMic/RM Series/RMSeries_FWUPDATE_V101.bin"}

*Our Binary firmware can be used with the RecMic Configuration Tool. By this method clients can update their device firmware, without any security concerns from rogue executables.