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The RecMic Configuration Tool (RCT) is a client-side application designed to be used alongside the Olympus RecMic. The RCT allows total configuration of the RecMic's as well streamlining user workflows by providing functions such as:

  • Perform automated actions
  • Dragon Functions
  • Application Shortcuts
  • Auto-text
  • Hotkey Shortcut
RecMic Configuration Tool 1.0.1
Popular 1.0.1 82.22 MB
22/08/2017 09:32:29
RecMic Configuration Tool supports the following devices:

RecMic II (RM series)

  • RM-4110S
  • RM-4100S
  • RM-4015P
  • RM-4010P
  • RM-4000P

RecMic I (DR series)

  • DR-2300
  • DR-2200
  • DR-2100
  • DR-1200
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