This article goes through how to deploy the firmware updates via the SCP.

Note: It is possible to deploy the firmware updates via WiFi to the DS-9500 to do this, you must have the Wireless Communication Service installed and configured for device management please click here for more details.

  • First register the firmware update in the SCP by clicking on Workflow menu at the top.
  • On the left menu click on Devices.
  • Click on Firmware tab and click on Add. 

Firmware 1blur

  • In the Edit Firmware section fill in the following.
    • Select the device model from the dropdown list to apply the firmware to.
    • Enter the firmware version.
    • Type in the path to the shared folder which contains the firmware updates.
    • Type in firmware file name that will be deployed.
  • Click Save

Firmware 2blur

  • The firmware update will now be registered.

Firmware 3blur

  • Now to deploy the firmware to the specified device click on the Devices tab.
  • Select a device.
  • On the right pane click the Firmware tab.
  • Click Update.

Firmware 4blur

  • When the user connects the recorder to a PC which has the SCP client installed it will detect that a firmware update is available and will apply to the device.

Firmware 5blur