This is a new improvement in ODMS R7 which allows you to specify whether all or certain dictations in the folder needs to be transcribed using speech recognition. 

Note: You must have Dragon installed and configured ODMS to use your Dragon profile by following the guide here

To configure this option please follow the steps below. 

  • Click on Tools and Options
  • Click on Folder Design tab
  • Select a folder
  • Then under Actions select Background Speech Recognition and click the “” button
  • Tick the box Auto Queuing
  • Click the drop down menu and select either “All files in the folder” or “Files after downloading, importing and direct recording”.  


Optional: If you want only certain dictations to be added to the recognition queue then follow the next steps. 

  • Tick the box “Use a rule”.
  • Click Add.
  • Specify the Author and/or Worktype ID.
  • Click OK.   


Once you have configured the Auto Queuing settings click OK. If you selected All files in the folder for Auto Queuing, then you will receive a prompt to confirm that you want to enable this option and add dictation to the recognition queue immediately if so, then click Yes.