This article goes through the E-mail Profile setting on the DS-9500 recorder so you can send dictations via E-mail. This assumes you already have configured your DS-9500 recorder with a Wi-Fi network if not then please follow the guide Configuring the DS-9500 to use a Wi-Fi network before proceeding.

  • Open the Dictation Module
  • Connect the DS-9500 recorder. 
  • Click on Tools then click on Options and click on Device. 

Note: Device settings will not appear if the recorder isn’t connected. 

  • Select E-mail Profile
  • Click Add   

Email profile 1

  • Select the e-mail account type.
    • Select web based mail if you have one of the specified e-mail accounts. This is a new feature which makes the e-mail configuration process simpler where you would only need to enter your e-mail address and password.
    • Select SMTP if you have any other e-mail accounts and enter your email address, password and the SMTP server details.  

Email profile 2

  • Select the E-mail provider
  • Enter a Profile name
  • Select the Author ID to use.
  • Note you must configure the Author ID in the Workflow tab.
  • Enter the E-mail Address and Password
  • Click Finish  

 Email profile 3blur

Repeat the same steps above to add another E-mail Profile. You can register up to 10 E-mail Profiles on the recorder. 

In the Mail template you can enter a Subject and a Message to send with the dictation.  

In the Delete options you can configure the recorder to automatically delete the dictations off the recorder or after a specified period once it’s been sent.      

Email profile 4          

Once the E-mail profile has been configured please follow the guide on how to configure the Recipient E-mail Settings.