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This article goes through configuring emails for ODDS in Dictation Portal

If you're looking to add in multiple people when sending a dictation then you can make these changes within the Dictation Portal.

Firstly log into the Dictation Portal here.

  • Then select your account and click on View


  • Click on Edit > Email Settings


  • Click on one of the three buttons (To, CC, BCC)


  • Click on 'Add Destination'


  • Include a name and email address you would like to send the dictations to and click OK to add


  • Select the email address in the address book and the field you want the email attached to (i.e. To, CC BCC) and then click on OK to continue


  • Click on OK once more and then click Apply and you should now see a window that says 'Success' indicating the settings have been saved


The next time you send a dictation on the mobile app it will send to the addresses you have just set.



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