This guide goes through how to register Author ID's to a mobile recorder this helps user identify the recordings. The Author ID(s) must have already been added in the Dictation Module please see the article Configuring Author IDs before proceeding.

  • Open the Dictation Module
  • Connect the DS-9500 recorder. 
  • Click on Tools then click on Options and click on Device. 

Note: Device settings will not appear if the recorder isn’t connected. 

  • Click Author List.
  • The Author ID(s) entered in the Dictation Module should now be in this list. Up to 10 Author IDs can be applied to a mobile recorder. 
  • If there are multiple Author IDs then you can set the following options.
    • "Set as Default" this lets you select a default Author ID to use. 
    • "Prompt for Author ID at Power-on" this allow users to select their Author ID after turning their device on.
    • "Filter dictation by Author ID" this ensures the selected Author would see only their own dictations.
  • Click OK to apply the settings

Add Author IDs to a mobile recorder