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Geared for Speech Recognition
Supported in Virtual Environments
Setup Wizard
Customisable Interface
Automatic Updates
Hardware configuration  (DS-2400, DS-2800, DS-2500 & RS-28)
Volume licencing
Managed User Settings (Workgroup mode)
File Encryption (128/256 Bit AES)
Advanced Download Features
Automatic File Download
File Backup
Email/FTP Integration
Direct Recording
File View Filtering
File Conversion  (DS2 (Pro), DSS (Classic), WAV & WMA) (DS2 (Pro), DSS (Classic), WAV & WMA) (AIFF)
File Editing
File Prioritisation
File Splitting/Joining
File Import/Export
File Cleaning/Purging
Supported Audio Formats DS2 (Pro), DSS (Classic), WAV, WMA & MP3DSS Pro, DSS, WAV, WMA and MP3 DS2 (Pro), DSS (Classic), MP3 & AIFF
Keyboard Hotkeys

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