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A selection of software and tools to aid or complement Olympus Professional Dictation solutions.


Status Unlocker, resets the Dictation Status for DS2 and DSS files.

*Requires Olympus Device Manager Components v1.4.2 or later

Removes the current users profile and settings for the ODMS R7/6 and SR2 sofware.

WARNING: If you are unsure of its purpose, do not use it!

Lists connected USB devices and their status, highlights devices with the Olympus Vendor ID for quick identification.

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Checks to see if the local session is running under Terminal Services or Citrix.

Notice: This tool has been superseded by the RecMic Configuration Tool (RCT)

This tool allows a user to configure a RecMic for use within the ODMS Dictation module software or even operate other programs outside of ODMS, such as Dragon - for Speech Recognition.

Notice: This software is End of Life and no longer supported

This tool can be used to download dictations locally or to a network location(s) from our Mobile Recorders both manually or automatically.

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