A selection of software and tools to aid or complement Olympus Professional Dictation solutions.


License free software for managing Olympus Professional Digital Voice Recorders.

The RecMic Configuration Tool (RCT) is a client-side application designed to be used alongside the Olympus RecMic. The RCT allows total configuration of the RecMic's as well streamlining user workflows.

This is not always required, but should you need to ensure all residing Olympus program files are removed from a computer after uninstalling, use this tool.

In a Workgroup environment the Wireless Communication Service can be used to deploy device settings and firmware updates from the System Configuration Program to the DS9500 through a Wi-Fi network.

The SCP client resides on the client PC and allows transfer of settings from the SCP to the hardware. The SCP client also acts as a "File Downloader"

This tool is used to configure the RS-28H & RS-31H foot switches/pedals.