A selection of software and tools to aid or complement Olympus Professional Dictation solutions.


This tool allows a user to configure a RecMic for use within the ODMS Dictation module software or even operate other programs outside of ODMS, such as Dragon - for Speech Recognition.

License free software for managing Olympus Professional Digital Voice Recorders.

This is not always required, but should you need to ensure all residing Olympus program files are removed from a computer after uninstalling, use this tool.

This tool can be used to download dictations locally or to a network location(s) from our Mobile Recorders both manually or automatically.

This tool is used to configure the RS-28H & RS-31H foot switches/pedals.

The update contains the following fixes and improvements:

  • Adds support for macOS Sierra 10.12.
  • Fixes the issue "Failed to save the settings." when trying to launch the application from within the Download Folder.
  • Fixes and issue of language synchronisation between OS and application.
  • Fixes an issue with application crash depending on the selected system language.