A selection of software and tools to aid or complement Olympus Professional Dictation solutions.


License free software for managing Olympus Professional Digital Voice Recorders.

  • Resolved an issue when RCT and Dragon are installed to the same PC, some versions of Dragon may not start correctly.
  • Fixed an issue if you set a shortcut combination that includes the Alt key, via the Application Control tab, the shortcut will not be applied correctly if used in an application in a European keyboard environment.

The SCP client resides on the client PC and allows transfer of settings from the SCP to the hardware. The SCP client also acts as a "File Downloader"

This is not always required, but should you need to ensure all residing Olympus program files are removed from a computer after uninstalling, use this tool.

In a Workgroup environment the Wireless Communication Service can be used to deploy device settings and firmware updates from the System Configuration Program to the DS9500 through a Wi-Fi network.

This tool is used to configure the RS-28H & RS-31H foot switches/pedals.