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Last modified on: 23/08/2016 14:15:22
Version: 6.4.0
  • DR-1000/2000 support removed.
  • Ability to change font size added.
  • Files received via Email/FTP can now automatically be added to the voice recognition queue,
  • Font toolbar is also now available in the voice recognition editor window.
  • ODMS will now recognise all commands supported in DNS 12 legal edition and Medical Practice edition version 2.
  • Support for FIPS added.
  • This version fixes the issue of losing header/footer during voice recognition processes
  • Authors email address now shows as the sender (when sending via ODDS) rather than, so features such as document return and dictation routing will work more efficiently now.
  • SCP allows the language setting to be changed for each group, this setting can also be locked.
  • In earlier versions, when the software was installed in all user settings mode the first run wizard runs for each user that logs on to the PC. If the user clicks next, these settings then over ride the existing settings. This issue has been resolved. The first run wizard now only runs for Admin users.
  • Larger icons are displayed by default in the toolbar.
  • When in trial mode, a full license key can now be entered by going to the Help > About menu.
  • The default port setting has changed from 80 to 6000.
  • The TCW would take some time to load in some environments, to resolve this issue, an option has been added to 6.4 to suppress the retrieval of tag data from Active Directory. (Add registry key - HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Olympus\ODMSR6\DisableAD)
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